James Tye

The ‘J’ in ‘Jelly’. The money conscious, creative one, who wants to do everything on a budget.

After designing destination brochures for cruise liners, being constantly envious of friends abroad and following too many travelling hashtags (my fault I know!), I have finally given in…

With only about 2% of the world complete, we are about to set off on a journey around South East Asia in the search for mummified monks, golden temples, crystal lakes, sloth hostels (yes, those are actually a thing) and hopefully some treasure, we may need it!

You will often find me lagging behind, taking the same photo at 70 different angles, using all possible devices. I also enjoy tricking Kelly into walking miles, and lots of them.

My common¬†questions to Kelly are… ‘can we fit that in?’, ‘can we climb that?’, ‘shall we go and see that?’

Kelly Day

The ‘elly’ in Jelly. The anxious, organised and slightly lazy one, who loves her home comforts.

As I have got older and met new people, I have realised that memories are a lot more important than material belongings. Now I have a person I want to share memories with (that’s James by the way…). Pairing that with my realisation of how little of the world I have seen, I find myself packing it all in to see how many experiences can be had before the grown up thing of having a house and children.

You will often find me leading the way of the map (mainly so James doesn’t deviate and take us the LONG scenic route), and organising our time to make sure I get to rest at some point!

My common¬†questions to James are… ‘how far’s that?’, ‘are we there yet?’, ‘can we go and chill now?’

Travelling Soon South East Asia 27 AUG 2018 – MAY/JUNE 2019

South East Asia map outlining Itinerary for travel plans

This travel blog is dedicated to our family and friends. It’s the least we can do, after banishing them all for our travelling adventures!