3 Day Trip Visiting Boracay, Philippines

A paradise was awaiting us with Boracay and I couldn’t have been more excited. The idea of the softest white sand and clearest turquoise waters as our back drop to relax in for the next few days was more than appealing!

We arrived at the tiniest arrivals area of Caticlan airport and grabbed a trike to the port. We had to prove we had approved accommodation before we were allowed to buy our boat ticket! 15 minutes by boat and we were on the Island!

Where to Stay in Boracay

Frendz Hostel Boracay

Boracay has a lot of resorts and hotels well out of our price range, so we settled for a hostel. This hostel had top reviews and I can see why!

We arrived and were welcomed loudly by the staff “Welcome to Frendz!”. The courtyard was pretty big with a bar, small pool, tables and chairs covered by a bamboo canopy and a pool table.

We checked into our room which had 5 comfy single beds in it! Lockers and aircon included! The place was so clean – my bed was made daily and the rooms always smelled fresh!


We made our way down to the bar and were told we had a free welcome beer or juice (we opted for a beer) and it was happy hour between 4-6 too! Music was playing and the atmosphere was really good! Guests and staff are really friendly so you are bound to make ‘frendz’!

Every evening they had a themed food night – tacos, Mongolian stir-fry and BBQ and it was always really tasty and a good price.

The best night by far is free pasta night! Free spag bol, live music, encouraged karaoke (by the live singer!) and a big fun party! So much fun! I even rocked Wannabe by Spice girls on behalf of the UK guests – luckily everyone was singing along so my beer induced voice was drowned out!

The hostel also offers deals with other restaurants/clubs on the beach front which is already a bonus! Especially when White beach is less than a 2 minute walk away! There is no doubt I would recommend this hostel to stay at if you are on a budget – we are even thinking of going back!

What to do in Boracay

Visit White Beach

The first time we visited the famous beach was around sunset. We were a little disappointed to see how busy it was with tourists taking photos. However, when we returned the next morning for a day of relaxing by the sea, it was so much quieter!


The sand is the softest I have ever experienced and feels so comforting beneath your feet. The sea is crystal clear and so calm. Literally the most idyllic, perfect beach.

What helps is there are severe fines for litter, smoking and alcohol are not allowed on the beach and there are no sunbeds or umbrellas – just take a towel (and suncream) and enjoy!


The sunsets on White Beach are pretty spectacular too…


There are numerous bars and restaurants to choose from along the beach promenade and a small outside shopping mall area with clothes shops and eateries. Its really not that pricy (although more expensive than other areas of Philippines) and the selection is huge!

I loved it here – I felt as though I was in a holiday brochure. James and I are definitely considering a future holiday here where we have more of a budget to enjoy copious amounts of food and drink, and maybe a posh hotel on the beachfront with infinity pool!

Check out the Grotto (Willy’s Rock)

The White Beach is definitely worth a walk along or a jog for fitness. It’s great for people watching and you’ll probably find patches that are untouched, it’s a big beach!

You will also find this little Grotto off the shore which serves as a religious monument. People come here to worship, so be respectful.

Take a trip to Puka Shell Beach

As White beach was on our doorstep, we decided to venture to another beach on the island. We paid 150 peso to get there (about 20 minutes) and the weather was in our favour! We arrived and there were a few souvenir shops selling shell bracelets and ornaments.


There are a few ‘photo benches’ on the beach, offering cute picture opportunities – which of course we took!

The beach itself is made up mostly of broken shell and rock, so not too comfortable to walk along. Surprisingly, not that many intact shells either!

The waves were also rather choppy, so didn’t fancy venturing in for a dip. We spent about an hour here scouting for shells (we weren’t overly successful) before using our time, and the sunshine more wisely on White beach!

Climb Mount Luho View Point

James ventured here one afternoon, and luckily I didn’t miss out as he walked there and back to find it was closed and any trespassers would be prosecuted.

James said that tuk tuk drivers were still taking people there, then offering to take the customer elsewhere when the realisation of it being closed sunk in.

On route James also checked out Bulabog Beach, which seemed to be the place for all the windsurfers and sea activity. Walking across the island doesn’t take any longer than 15 minutes.

Where to eat and drink in Boracay

Halo Mango

I noticed this place from the queue that was always formed outside, so decided to try it. They offer numerous mango products, such as smoothies and fresh fruit, the most popular being the ‘mangoholic’.

I decided to try the mangoholic for myself and was not disappointed – it was soft mango ice cream (Mr Whippy style!) served with fresh ripe mango and mango syrup. OMG…YUM!!! I could have had 5.

James was lucky I had any left for him to try when I got back to our spot the beach! I ended going back the following day (and queueing again) for another!

Tilapia and Chips Restaurant

We tried here as it was one of two places that we found that were budget friendly and tasty. Smoke Resto was the second, but was small and queuing out the door.


We had the set menu which consisted of noodle soup, fish and chips and chocolate brownie with an iced tea. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but really tasty and a good deal for the price!

If you want budget food in a sit down restaurant – give it a go!

7 – Eleven

Just a head up that a lot of Philippine 7-elevens we found offer soft serve ice cream for a bargain! We first found it in Bohol! You can even have a mixed chocolate and vanilla one and they are so good! A real budget friendly treat!

Exit Bar

James went here one night on a bar crawl with some of the guys from the hostel and said the atmosphere here was great, plus the rum and cokes were so cheap. Only 50 peso each (75p), trust him to find a bargain!

Just a short blog from Boracay really as we spent most of our time relaxing on the beautiful beach, enjoying the food, drinks and people our hostel had to offer. A little bit of deserved downtime in one of my favourite places so far!

To the Capital, Manila!

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